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[Android] How to make Sony Tablet S been able to develop on mac.

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I can’t connect to Sony Tablet S from my mac.
I searched, and found how to solve.

This page gives me very useful information.
[Q] Sony Tablet S ADB support

It says

you need to cd to your .android folder (on a mac, this is ~/.android) and then type

echo 0x054c > adb_usb.ini

Where 0x054c is the vendor id for Sony (I got that by looking at the attached evices in the 'About this mac' preferences)

I found the file named adb_usb.ini in below location.


Then, I opened the file with text editor.
and added the sentence.


and restart the adb server. In terminal app

./adb kill-server
./adb start-server

Then adb could recognize my tablet.

You can confirm usb vender id from this.
About This Mac > More Info > System Report > Hardware | USB > USB Device Tree > Vendor ID: