[iOS Processing] iPhone draws Processing via socket

Lastweekend, I have attend the study meeting.

I will introduce my presentation.

What I made is…
1. iPhone and Processing is in same LAN of Wifi.
2. iPhone connects to Processing on Mac via Socket.
3. iPhone sends data from it’s rotation to Processing.
4. Processing draw x y z coordinate tracking.

I uploaded the demo movie.

iPhone draws Processing via socket from Tasuku Maeda on Vimeo.

And I will apply this application to the App store.
I will upload these codes as Open source.

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4 Responses to “[iOS Processing] iPhone draws Processing via socket”

  1. Hey Tasuku, congrats
    can you create a blog post to teach how connect a mobile device and mac via socket

    see ya!

  2. Thank you, Fernando.
    I will write a post that how to connect.
    Please wait.

  3. Joe says:

    This project is great! Have you uploaded the code yet? I am very interested in how you did this and would like to learn.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you Joe.
    I uploaded this project source code.
    See below post.