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[Qt] Mac OS lion(10.7) and Qt 4.8(beta)

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Qt is a C++ application framework.

I tried to use Qt.
But when I build the source codes, some warnings are occurred.
I searched the warnings, and found that it’s a problem between Mac OS and Qt version.

My Mac OS version is lion(10.7).
Qt version is 4.7.4.

On lion, Qt without warnings version is 4.8(beta).
And I tried to install this version into my mac.

Select > Qt menu > Help > Start updater

and the app launched the SDK maintenanceTool.

select ‘Package manager’

check Qt 4.8.0 beta (Desktop). and push ‘Continue’ button.

After SDK was installed, back to Qt application.

Select > Qt creator > Preferences > Qt4
Add the bata SDK manually.

Set the projects settings.
On pull down menu ‘Qt version’, you can select the beta SDK.

Finally I tried to build, and it was success.